The Supermoon, Spiders and Ice Cream Trucks

Last night, I sat outside on the front step of my apartment building with my Pomeranian, Sassy, and watched the supermoon rise over the apartment building across the street. The sky slowly lightened, the early evening darkness overshot with a white glow, as the moon ascended the sky. I waited in anticipation for my first glimpse of the full moon as it peeked over the top of the building.

There was a slight breeze, turning the night deliciously pleasant after another hot, humid afternoon. Sassy stretched out on the grass and I sat cross-legged on the step, watching a small black spider enjoying its evening meal of a flying insect several times its size that had had the misfortune to get caught in its web.

As I waited for the moon to make its appearance, I heard the tinny familiar strains of the ice cream truck coming from down the street. I checked my watch: 9:07 p.m. I wondered what an ice cream truck was doing out at that hour plying its trade when nary a child was about to witness its passage.

And a story idea was born, As I watched the moon tentatively peek over the apartment building across the street, its brilliant white light spilling forth and washing across the yard, I began thinking about demented ice cream truck drivers, the tinny strains of their musical trucks luring children from their midnight beds.

The moon slowly rose, its light softening the edges of the darkness. I waited, hoping the rabbit family I’ve seen nibbling grasses in our yard would come out and play. It seemed that kind of night where anything would, or could, happen.

After a while, Sassy grew restless and we went inside but, even then, I felt the siren call of the moon. It lured me out twice more, until it became tangled in the trees and I lost sight of it amid a haze of clouds.

Late in the night, I woke. My bed overlooks a window, and as I lay there, I saw the moon shining through my window. I woke with visions of demented ice cream truck drivers in my head. I sense a story developing here.


7 comments so far

  1. Suzie F on

    It would be very interesting to learn why those ice cream trucks are out that late when school is still in session! I like the story idea you are leaning toward.

  2. beautifulimposter on

    I really like your prose a great deal, simple, elegant, vivid. I read this like I was devouring a fine and savory dish, licking my fingers clean and not wasting a crumb. I too am intrigued by the demented ice cream truck men and would love to hear what comes out of that thought.

  3. Phil Siders on

    Finish already, I feel I’m eating a tangerine push-up ice cream and looking this guy in the eye! Hey, wait, I think that guy gave me the wrong change back.

    • Roberta Codemo on

      The story hasn’t spoken to me yet. It is still at the nebulous stage I call an idea. Besides, for the moment, I have a deadline to meet asnd an article to write about auto body shops.

  4. Peter Bouchier on

    Dear Roberta,
    Did you write the rest of this yet? Can’t wait to read it!

    • Roberta Codemo on

      It’s a work in progress. An agent has seen the first five pages and based on those wants to see the manuscript when it’s finished.

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